Open your eyes

In essence, this is what this blog is all about.  Opening your eyes to the dangers to your health, beauty and well being that you may not be aware of.

Not only is the environment that surrounds us far from clean, our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis by all kinds of carcinogenic, toxic and hormone-disrupting chemicals that we unknowingly ingest, breathe and put on our skin.  It is no wonder that the rates of cancer, infertility, obesity, diabetes, and autism (among other things) are skyrocketing.  Today, the chances that any one of us will get cancer in our lifetimes are 50%; that is 1 in 2 and, if you ask me, it is outrageous.  But, what is even more outrageous is the lack of government oversight and corporate greed (particularly in the US since Europe adopted a much different and stricter stance on this in 2007) that allows companies to use pretty much any substance they please, without any consideration of the long-term consequences.  Sadly, we have become the guinea pigs in the largest chemical experiment in history.

Except for the very spartan among us, we all apply several personal care products every day, and by the time your day is over–if you are a typical woman– you will have exposed yourself to about 126 different chemicals through your skin alone.  Eighty-nine percent of those have NEVER been tested for safety.  Perhaps that was not considered dangerous a few decades back when it was still believed that our skin was impermeable, but not today when we know that about 60% of what we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream (in case you ever wonder, that is exactly why transdermal patches for nicotine addiction and contraception work).  Think of it, do you really want untested and potentially toxic chemicals in your blood?

What about your lungs? Or your gut? Chemicals in our food, in our water supply, as well as the consumer items that surround us (think couches, rugs, even you favorite jeans or handbag), also add on to the chemical soup that we “marinade” ourselves in daily.  Yes, I know you have not keeled over and you won’t anytime soon most likely.  These chemicals don’t have acute effects, instead they are slow, invisible killers that act over many years and you won’t truly know the damage that has been done till it is too late.

It is because of these gruesome statistics and the amount of misinformation and deceit prevalent all around us that I decided to write this blog. I have experienced many health issues myself which led me to start researching about this subject over 25 years ago. I have learned a lot over the years, and now it shocks and pains me when I still see family, friends, and acquaintances still fall into the trap of thinking that whatever is out there for sale must be OK.  That if the government allows it to be sold, then it must have been tested.  Or even that if a product says natural and organic it truly is.  The amount of misinformation and “greenwashing” is incredibly widespread.

Thus, in this blog, I wanted to help those I care about as well as my (hopefully many) new readers to become better and healthier consumers, no matter what budget you are working with.  Many blogs out there make it seem that in order to be able to eat healthy or use products that are free of toxic chemicals, you need to spend a fortune, when it is not true.  Quite the opposite, industry has made us believe that in order for our houses to be clean and our skin to be pretty we must rely purchase their products.  The reality is that natural products often outperform synthetic ones and a house can easily be cleaned with vinegar, baking soda and plain soap.  Nonetheless, every day there are more and more truly amazing companies out there doing the right thing and putting out amazing products, even very affordable ones. So I will review and help you find those that best fit your needs.  And, since true health starts on the inside,  I will also share with you some of my diet tips and recipes.  Stay tuned for lots of yummy and beautiful things!

To begin, here’s a video from the Story of Stuff project, which does an incredible job of explaining the problem I am describing above in just 8 minutes.


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