When I first found out about the toxic chemicals accumulating in human blood, even that of unborn babies, I was truly shocked.  Since then, I became an avid reader on the subject, thoroughly investigating the sources of these toxins, their effects on us and the environment, as well as better alternatives. And I have found many!

I have tested and/or used all the products featured on this site. Products that include ingredients to avoid are usually not reviewed, and in the case they are (it is the case that sometimes a truly natural alternative does not yet exist), the potentially harmful ingredients will be specified. All products reviewed are non-toxic, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

My favorite products are those that I use on my own daily routine and that I consider to be the best. I have uber sensitive skin, so most products that are suitable for me, will most likely be well tolerated by most.  However, each body is unique and hence I cannot accept any responsibility for any reactions or side effects that any of these products or diets may cause.

I am neither a healthcare nor skincare professional and therefore encourage readers to seek professional advice before using any dietary supplements, nutritional approaches, or skincare products recommended here.

Stylishly Organic is an independent blog and is not affiliated with any company or brand, nor is payment received or accepted for any review.  All products reviewed have been purchased by myself for my own use unless otherwise indicated. I will, however, accept products for review with the understanding that only those that I truly like and would not hesitate to use myself will be featured.  You can use the contact form to reach me or send me a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, the links to which are on my home page.


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  1. I love the concept of your site! I am originally from Germany where there are loads more organic beauty products on the market than in the UK.

    1. Thanks! I am originally from Belgium, so I know…. but there’s a lot of new organic brands in the US too that are really exciting and good too.

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